With a trade show booth rental, your typically presented with two equally distasteful options:

A) A booth that looks like something that is “rented”; shabby materials, generic design, rough wear, all for a “bargain” price that may not be such a “bargain” when all is said and done. Or…

B) A nice looking “rental” booth that is so ridiculously high-priced that building a new booth may be less expensive!

30x30 Trade Show Display Rental by exhibitmax.net

30×30 Trade Show Display Rental by exhibitmax.net

We at EXHIBITMAX knew there was a better way. Designing great looking, reasonably priced rental exhibits shouldn’t be hard, and it isn’t. However, we frankly were shocked that no one was doing it! So, we’ve completely reimagined the category that we are now considered one of the thought-leaders of the exhibit rental space!

We’re innovators in the display rental space by imagining rental exhibits with new materials, new configurations and new functionality. All with design that is head and shoulders above others for the price.

We offer all our exhibit rentals with full turnkey show service packages. All you have to do is show up, and your booth will be ready for you, set up, spit shined and in perfect condition, ready for the show!

95% of our rental packages are custom designed, so contact us right away and we can craft an exhibit specifically for your needs!

Email: info@exhibitmax.net

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